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Precious Plastic Victoria

How We Fight The Waste War

we are all for small business and community involvment, building and growing together
helping develop systems for your post consumer waste plastic craeting inovative solutions from land fill destned materials.
We identified post consumer, single use lids to be a major problem and have focused on useing only lids as our plastic source.
Supplied from community donations, promotioing a circular econemy and truly closing the loop with hi quality in vogue products

Plastic Shredding

Shredded Plastic

We offer plastic shredding services by the kilogram. You collect and wash we shred and return so you can create. We also sell shredded HDPE and LDPE plastic from $6.50 per Kilogram clean and ready to use and subject to availability. What we dont sell we remanafacture into an aray of products.

Plastic Manufacturing


On top of selling plastic processing machines, we also use them to manufacture recycled plastic products. If you have an idea or a product you would like to see made from recycled plastic, stopping the import of virgin plastic. Maybe you have a post consumer waste product you would like to be given new life, we can help you design build and produce a new concept from your used waste plastic. Most importantly you have diverted it from landfill.

Prototype Design


We can help you design and develop new and innovative products made from recycled plastic. We can help manage your post manufacturing and consumer waste into personalised promotional products. We can generate all technical CAD drawings as well as supply CNC moulds to work with our recycled plastic injection and extrusion machines. we also have 3d printing services to test your designs.

Growing environmental awareness for the community

The gravity of the plastic problem is evident. If you’re here, then it says volumes about what you already understand and stand for.

Precious Plastic Victoria’s mission is to reduce plastic waste. Whether it's you choosing a zero waste lifestyle, to a new biodegradable material or helping to clean a local beach once a week. The pathway for each of us is different, but the primary goal is the same.

We see the solution to tackling this plastic pollution epidemic, is people: us. Precious Plastic Victoria sees it’s the “the future us" that will bring about the necessary shift, one change at a time, multiplied by millions. We are here to help win this fight. We don't believe in techno-utopian, fix-it-all, dream technology.

Precious Plastic Victoria is the emergent of people, machines, platforms and knowledge to create an alternative eco-circular recycling system.

What under-pins these values is understanding and education.